Reference Budgets


Final European Conference on Reference Budgets

The conference "Reference Budgets for Social Inclusion" (October 2009, Vienna/Austria) presented and discussed the findings and results of the transnational EU project "Standard Budgets".

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Wednesday, 21st of October 2009

9.30h - Words of welcome and introduction

Hans W. Grohs (ASB Schuldnerberatungen GmbH)
Maria Reiffenstein (Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection)

10.00h - Reference Budgets for social inclusion: Key note lectures

arrow Donald Hirsch (Centre for Research in Social Policy / Loughborough University): Reference budgets in Europe
arrow Douhomir Minev (EAPN European Anti Poverty Network): power point presentation, lecture
Maria Jeliazkova (EAPN European Anti Poverty Network): Improving the Mechanisms for Social Inclusion (power point), lecture

11.30h - Coffee break
12.00h - Questions and discussion
13.00h - Lunch

14.30h - The development of Reference Budgets in different European countries

Poster presentations on the development of reference budgets

arrow Austria - poster presentation, summary 
arrow Belgium - poster presentation
arrow Bulgaria - poster presentation
arrow Finland - poster presentation, summary 
arrow Germany - poster presentation, summary 
arrow Ireland - poster presentation (coming soon)
arrow The Netherlands - poster presentation (coming soon)
arrow Norway - poster presentation, summary 
arrow Spain - poster presentation
arrow Sweden - poster presentation (coming soon)
arrrow UK - poster presentation

17.30h - Reference Budgets from across Europe: Lessons learned

arrow Input by Bérénice Storms (Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen)

Thursday, 22nd of October 2009 - The Use of Reference Budgets

9.00h - Panel 1: Money and debt advice

arrow Louisa Parker (Money Advice Trust, UK): The Common Financial Statement
arrow Vilhelm Nordenanckar (Konsumentverket Sweden): Reference budgets as component in Social Policy, detailed information

10.30h - Panel 2: Responsible credit

arrow Emmanuel Moyart (European Microfinance Network, France): Responsible Credit: Microfinance
arrow Hans Mersmann (Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen, The Netherlands): Application home expenses standards in the Dutch mortgage market

11.45h - Panel 3: Social policy/Poverty lines

arrow Cok Vrooman (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Netherlands): Measuring poverty through a generalised budget approach
arrow Audry Deane (Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Ireland): Using Minimum Essential Budgets to influence social policy outcomes

14.00h - Final Panel with

arrow Dieter Korczak (GP-Forschungsgruppe, Germany & ecdn)
arrow Karel van den Bosch (University of Antwerp, Belgium): Budget standards and (research on) social inclusion
arrow Ivo Vis (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), The Netherlands): Reference budgets and regulating responsible consumer lending
arrow Pascale Lambin (Member of the cabinet of the secretary of state for "Social Integration and the Fight against Poverty", Belgium): Reference Budgets for Social Inclusiondetailed information
arrow Sian Jones (EAPN European Anti Poverty Network): Reflections from EAPN


Project coordination and contact: Applica sprl, Rue Van Campenhout 37, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)