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Reference Budgets for Social Inclusion

♦ Folder on Reference Budgets 


A folder named "Reference Budgets for Social Inclusion" gives an overview what Reference Budgets are and why we need them.




Handbook Reference Budgets  Handbook on Reference Budgets

Nibud, the National Institute for Budget Information of the Netherlands, has produced a "Handbook on Reference Budgets. On the design, construction and application of Reference Budgets". This handbook can be used as a reference guide for developing reference budgets and discusses all the aspects related to the development and use of reference budgets.
Additionally, each participating country - Austria, Belgium (FR, NL), Bulgaria and Spain - published a booklet on reference budgets development as national lobbying tools.

Each project partner has also developed a tool (budget calculator) to facilitate the use of reference budgets in debt prevention or debt advice.


Money and Debt Advice

debt advice

The Common Financial Statement (Louisa Parker, Money Advice Trust, UK)

Reference budgets as component in Social Policy (Vilhelm Nordenanckar, Konsumentverket Sweden)

Reference budgets and regulating responsible consumer lending (Ivo Vis, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), The Netherlands)


Responsible credit


responsible credit

Responsible Credit: Microfinance (Emmanuel Moyart, European Microfinance Network, France)

Application home expenses standards in the Dutch mortgage market (Hans Mersmann, Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen, The Netherlands)




Social policy/Poverty lines 


Improving the Mechanisms for Social Inclusion (Maria Jeliazkova, EAPN European Anti Poverty Network)

Measuring poverty through a generalised budget approach (Cok Vrooman, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Netherlands)

Using Minimum Essential Budgets to influence social policy outcomes (Audry Deane, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Ireland)

Budget standards and (research on) social inclusion (Karel van den Bosch, University of Antwerp, Belgium)




Reference budgets in Europe (Donald Hirsch, Centre for Research in Social Policy / Loughborough University)

Poster presentations on the development of reference budgets in:

arrow Austria - poster presentation, summary 

arrow Belgium - poster presentation

arrow Bulgaria - poster presentation

arrow Finland - poster presentation, summary, working papers "What is the Cost of Living?"

arrow Germany - poster presentation, summary 

arrow Norway - poster presentation, summary 

arrow Spain - poster presentation

arrrow UK - poster presentation


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Project coordination and contact: Applica sprl, Rue Van Campenhout 37, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)