Reference Budgets



Poverty Reduction in Europe: Social Policy and Innovation (ImPRovE) is an international research project that brings together ten outstanding research institutes and a broad network of researchers in a concerted effort to study poverty, social policy and social innovation in Europe. The ImPRovE project aims to improve the basis for evidence-based policy making in Europe. In the short term, this is done by carrying out research that is directly relevant for policymakers. At the same time, however, ImPRovE invests in improving the long-term capacity for evidence-based policy making by upgrading the available research infrastructure, by combining both applied and fundamental research, and by optimising the information flow of research results to relevant policy makers and the civil society at large.       

One of the Work Packages deals specifically with constructing, for the first time, cross-nationally comparable reference budgets for Belgium, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain, based on a common framework.

Project coordination and contact: Applica sprl, Rue Van Campenhout 37, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)